Phonics Mini Scribblers

What do you use to enhance your phonics lessons? What activities do you use in your literacy centers? I have seen many wonderful ideas on Pinterest, but I'd like to add one more to that as it worked wonders in my class. I started creating Mini Scribblers and put them in our literacy centers. These are write and wipe activities, and as you can probably imagine, kids love using dry-erase markers!

Here are some ideas how to use these Mini Scribblers:

1. You can cut the paper into smaller squares, laminate them, and put a ring through them. This is how I use them and they are a huge hit!

2. If you don’t want the hassle of cutting and laminating, you can print each page and put them in the file sheets and have the students use dry-erase markers to easily write and wipe their work.

3. You could also simply print the pages and use them as worksheets in class or for homework. 

Some teachers may choose to use them in small group instructions or RTI. These would be perfect to support your reading readiness in pre-K or Kindergarten, ESL students, or in first grade.

So far, I've made Mini Scribblers for alphabets/beginning letter sounds and CVC words. I will continue to add more in the future, so please go to my store and click *follow* to get notifications when I post a new product! :)

If you are just looking for easy no-prep printables like the pictures below, you can click one of the images. I have a sample packet for you to download so you can have a better idea of what is included.

Have a beautiful day! :)


First Grade Language Centers

A few years ago, I started to make little sets of activities to go with my grammar lessons. We would do them together as a whole group and sometimes in a small group, and I would let them ‘play’ on their own at literacy centers. I also placed them in the early-finisher’s basket because they just l-o-v-e-d it. Good for me! My work is done! Kids are having fun learning about… GRAMMAR!

Because these sets were so successful with my kids, I started to make more activities to go with each of my grammar lessons. They include puzzles, sorting cards, task cards, games, and simple activities. I posted them all in my store and put them together in a huge bundle. That way, you can save a whole lot of $ instead of buying them separately.

I've spent many hours including clear directions for each activity, pictures of how to use them, and answer keys. I hope your kids can enjoy them as much as mine did! :)

These are the units that are included in the bundle:

Subject-Verb Agreement 
Singular and Plural Nouns 
Verb Tenses 
Inflectional Endings
Shades of Meaning
Multiple Meanings
Synonyms and Antonyms
Base Words and Affixes
Sort into Categories (FREEBIE) 

If you are like me and are looking for a fun, hands-on approach for your students to practice grammar, I strongly recommend this packet! Whether you follow Common Core or not, you will find this bundle useful when it comes to teaching grammar.

Have a good week!


Halloween How-To Writing

I always try to stick a little fun writing activity in every season, and this one is a great way to practice the students' how-to writing skills. The students can make the witch's cookbook into a flipbook, then make a witch to go along with it. 


The kids will have fun creating their own magic potion recipe. If you have covered poetry or rhyming, they could have fun with coming up with interesting spells. I provided a quick reference sheet for them to look at when choosing ingredients. They, of course, don't have to choose from the gross, icky-yucky ingredient list I gave them. For the potion instructions page, I included two different sheets for you to choose from. You can choose one according to your students' level. When completing this page, students can look at the reference sheet to use some of the cooking words.


You can click here to download the flipbook and the craft template! :)


Conjunctions Literacy Center and Worksheets

I'd like to share the conjunction activities and worksheets I use in my class. I have three activities including puzzles, task cards, and a board game. Although the children ALWAYS love to play scoot with the task cards, they enjoy having the variety of activities to work on their own or in pairs.



With all my center activities, I have worksheet / practice sheets to go along with them for additional reinforcement. Teachers use them for homework, small group, assessments, and for early finishers.  


You can click any of the pictures to download them! :)


Types of Sentences Activities and More

Are you teaching about the four different types of sentences? I made a set of worksheets for extra practice last year, and this year, I created some fun and easy activities that could complement the worksheets! You can use the practice sheets for a review, homework, classwork, or even for early-finishers. If you are looking for assessments to go with this, you can get them here.

At our school, we use the terminology statement, question, command, and exclamation, but I also added alternative terminology for others as well (declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory). There are 4 posters and 16 worksheets included in this packet.

Now, here are some fun activities that you can use with your students to help them understand this topic better. I created 3 literacy center activities to focus on the four types of sentences (statement, question, command, exclamation). It has a simple sorting activity, a game, and task/scoot cards. You can use them for a whole group, small group, or place them in centers for individual or pair work.


You can click here to download it! :)


Benjamin Franklin Flipbook

How do you teach social studies in your class? To teach about famous people, I use books, videos, and some other resources I bought on TPT in the past. However, I wanted something more than individual printables- something that my students can enjoy making and take home with them. I decided to make flipbooks which will become a mini project for them each time we learn about a new famous person. Currently, I am working on making flipbooks of famous people listed in the Georgia Performance Standards for first grade.

Thomas Jefferson
Lewis and Clark with Sacagawea
Harriet Tubman
Theodore Roosevelt

Your students will enjoy making this fun and interactive Ben Franklin flipbook, which is full of information. The packet is differentiated by three levels, so you can use them according to your students' ability. I have also included three colorful quote posters that you can display in your classroom.

What’s included?

step by step directions
 > cover page
 > reading
 > timeline (cut-and-paste)
 > geography
 > contributions (cut-and-paste)
 > review (multiple choice and short answers)
quote posters

Click here to download the packet! :)


Second Grade Grammar Practice Sheets

After completing my First Grade Grammar Practice Sheets, I finally got the time to work on the second grade packet. I made sure to include as many standards as I could from the Common Core Language Standards, but even if you don’t follow the Common Core, you will find many of these packets useful to supplement your grammar lessons. 

These are the units that are included in the bundle:

collective nouns
irregular plural nouns
reflexive pronouns
irregular verbs
simple and compound sentences
commas in letters
context clues
compound words
shades of meaning

I use these mainly for a review when we are done with our unit, but you can use them for homework, assessment, or literacy centers. You can even hand them out to your early-finishers! 

I made a simple little video to introduce my grammar practice sheets. Have a look and see if it may be helpful for your classroom! :)

Here is a freebie for you to get a better look at what the bundle consists of. 

Have a great week everyone!